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Environment / water / sewage

Find out how Leipzig companies and research institutes are minimizing environmental pollution worldwide.

Visit the companies and research institutions that are successfully shaping the environmental sector in Leipzig.


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seecon Ingenieure GmbH
The seecon engineers are among the leading municipal consultants in the field of climate protection and energy efficiency in eastern Germany. Their core competence lies in the strategic examination of energy supply solutions and the participative development and implementation support for climate protection projects. Even though the focus of their activities is in the energy sector, mobility is a fundamental area of climate protection which has been a separate research field in all our integrated climate protection concepts since the municipal directive came into force in 2008.

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Target group
Mobility and environment


  • Development of the west side of Leipzig Central Station – creation of a mobility concept
  • Climate protection sub-concept „Climate-friendly mobility“ Lutherstadt Wittenberg<(li>
  • Energetic redevelopment management (concept plus three-year management phase) in the Leipzig districts of Lindenau/Plagwitz and Alt-Schönefeld
  • Species protection and ecological construction supervision for several major development projects (Freiladebahnhof, Werk Motor, Hafenwerk etc.)


  • Company tour
  • Presentation of projects
  • Workshop (moderation and premises)
  • Network connection in municipalities and municipal enterprises

Trail station 2

Tilia supports public utilities, municipalities, industrial enterprises, supply and disposal companies in the creation of the right strategy, the development of new business models, the development of concepts for sustainable and efficient infrastructure and the development of new and innovative solutions, and -most importantly- in their implementation! They are very flexible when it comes to the services they offer. These range from consulting and support in project management to joint development and implementation of projects. It is important to Tilia that the work does not end with the concepts. Which means that Tilia also invests together with the customer if necessary. The goal is to bring about changes with concrete and measurable results.

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  • Industrial waste heat recovery to supply a specially designed local heating network and the heating and hot water preparation of buildings in the municipality of Bennewitz near Leipzig. This project offers the possibility of replacing the burning of natural gas for heat generation with unused waste heat in order to avoid significant amounts of CO2 emissions, reduce the outflow of purchasing power resulting from imported natural gas, reduce heating costs and save resources.
  • The Smart Border Initiative (SBI) is a European pilot project supported by both the German and French governments and the European Commission. From the outset, the project was designed and developed by Tilia in cooperation with the network operators (Enedis and Innogy), Deutschen Energieagentur and 18 industrial partners and interest groups. The aim of the project is to physically connect energy systems on both sides of the border in order to enable shared and cross-border energy optimization. The key element of this cross-border smart grid will be the interconnection of medium voltage (20 kV) electricity grids.

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Logo Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung – UFZ

The UFZ is one of the world’s leading institutions in environmental research. It offers solutions for a sustainable use of our natural resources to the benefit of humans and environment.

The UFZ supports decision makers in politics, industry and civil society in understanding the impact of human activities on e.g. health, water or soil quality or biodiversity, and develops solutions – from social decision-making processes to innovative technologies – in order to mitigate negative impacts.

As an international and interdisciplinary competence centre, the UFZ is home to unique research infrastructures and knowledge with regard to the broad topics of ecosystems of the future, water resources, chemicals in the environment, environmental and biotechnology, smart models and monitoring, and environment & society.

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Target Group
Companies active in R&D&I in the broad field of environmental services, technologies or in sectors that might benefit from our concepts and innovations, from sensors, modelling, development of sustainable cities, soil and groundwater remediation, management concepts for water, soil and biodiversity, or visualisation of data to modular bioreactor systems, new sources and processes for the production of platform chemicals and energy from renewable resources.

Our projects have their basis either in the latest advances in environmental research, or in a concrete demand voiced by one of our many national and international partners.

Examples are:

  • „Solutions for present and future emerging pollutants in land and water resources management“, SOLUTIONS (for the European Commission)
  • World Water Quality Assessment, WWQA (for the United Nations)
  • Biological filter for groundwater remediation. Currently 3 large plants in operation, e.g. at the chemical park in Leuna (technical details)
  • The German Drought Monitor, GDM (as part of the Climate Office for Central Germany, coordinated by the UFZ)
  • Centre for Chemical Microscopy, ProVIS
  • Effects on health of chemical exposure: large birth and mother-child cohort studies regarding the effect of environmental pollution in the pre-natal period and early childhood.


  • Presentation: Intro to UFZ + project examples presented by scientists
  • Lab visit depending on focal area

Photo: André Künzelmann, UFZ

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Sachsen Wasser GmbH is a company that specializes in the fields of water supply and sewage treatment. They focus on consulting, plant operation, training, and management support. The company is based in Leipzig and operates worldwide.
Sachsen Wasser GmbH carries out technical and commercial support projects for water and sewage companies and offers its partners and customers know-how relating to sustainable drinking water supply and sewage treatment.
The Leipzig experts have a long-standing track record of competently implemented projects in the water sector (153 projects in 43 countries; as of summer 2019), their clients include utilities and waste management companies in south-eastern Europe, central/southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South/Latin America.

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Target group
Water supply / sewage treatment:

  • International supply and waste disposal companies
  • International (special-purpose) associations, plant operators
  • Further-education institutions, training institutions


  • Afghanistan: Vocational training component, Mazar-e Sharif
  • Armenia: Technical audit of lease contract, Yerevan
  • Ethiopia: Capacity building for Itang Water Utility, Gambela
  • Bolivia: Sustainable drinking water supply and sanitation in peri-urban areas, Santa Cruz
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina: (1) Design/tender documents, tendering, contracting, construction supervision/Institutional strengthening, Tuzla-Zenica; (2) Waste water collection and treatment, Bihac
  • Germany: Management of sewage treatment plants, Grammetal
  • Georgia: Improved water and energy efficiency, Tbilisi
  • Iran: Implementation of a demonstration field for decentralized wastewater treatment plants, Tehran
  • Kenya: Water and sanitation sector development, Lake Victoria South
  • Kosovo: (1) Sewage disposal in Peja, (2) sewage disposal Gjakova
  • Pakistan: Transaction advisory, Lahore
  • Peru: Operations and maintenance support, Arequipa
  • Zimbabwe: Training in water loss management
  • Tajikistan: (1) Corporate development and city support programs, Khorog, (2) Corporate development, social support and stakeholder participation program, Nurek

Plant visits (waterworks, sewage treatment plant), project presentations, specialist workshops on selected topics

Duration: 1 hour

Trail station 5

Leipziger Wasserwerke is the regional partner for a reliable drinking water supply and environmentally friendly treatment of the sewage of around 680,000 people in Leipzig and the surrounding region.

Visit to the main sewage treatment plant in Leipzig Rosental. There the individual cleaning stages, operational control and sustainable orientation of the plant will be explained.